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Mainland Hearing offers comprehensive hearing care, free tests, hearing aid evaluations, and a variety of hearing aids, including Lyric invisible hearing. We are happy to provide flexible payment plans and financing options. Celebrating 22 years of exceptional care and community outreach at our Burrard Street clinic in Vancouver.

Your hearing health needs are unique


For me

I think I might need a hearing aid

Do you often miss what they’re saying or have challenges following conversations in loud restaurants or public spaces?


I have a hearing aid

But it doesn’t work very well

Is it working correctly? Is it uncomfortable or not fitting right? A Doctor of Audiology can give you some needed help and options.


My family member

Needs a hearing test

A hearing test reveals the right hearing aid product and solution for your loved one. Improved hearing can help them reconnect.

Know the status of your hearing

Get to know the status of your hearing health and learn how sound affects what you do on a daily basis. A hearing test can give valuable insight as to what your hearing needs are. We offer a free hearing test to evaluate your hearing health.

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Convenient financing and payment plans

At Mainland Hearing, we think it’s important to provide hearing aid products and services for everyone. We can arrange an affordable, flexible and secure payment plan for purchasing your hearing aids.

We work with all 3rd Party Funding including:

• WorkSafeBC

• Veterans Affairs Canada

• First Nations Health Authority

• The Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation

• WorkBC

• Interim Federal Health Program

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Why Mainland Hearing?
How we are different

Personalized Care

We Listen

We listen and assist on how best to manage your hearing loss. Our Doctors of Audiology and our licensed practitioners will give you the help you need and provide professional guidance regarding your personal hearing health.

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Customized Solutions

We work for you

We have experience with custom-made hearing protection including industrial ear plugs, musicians ear plugs, swim plugs and more. We can talk about the right solution for you and your current life situation.

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25 years of experience

Locally owned and operated

As a proud locally owned and operated clinic, we care about working closely with you and your family. You’re in good hands with our team at Mainland Hearing.

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Tinnitus - Ear Protection

Earwax Removal

Hearing aid brands


Lyric Hearing Aid

Lyric is the world’s first and only 100% invisible, 24/7 wearable,
shower-proof, for-months-at-a-time hearing aid.

As a certified Lyric hearing aid provider, our Lyric certified audiologists position your Lyric implantable bone anchored hearing aids comfortably and completely in your ear canal so you can hear without daily hassles of insertion and removal. And, no batteries to charge with Lyric.

We provide a full Lyric consultation diagnostic audiological assessment, financing and flexible payment plans.

Book a FREE Hearing Test Recieve a no money down 3 week hearing aid trial

Know the status of your hearing health

Call 604-688-5999

book a free hearing test